The Osteria del Grillo though recently renewed and relaunched by a new management, has been since the ‘40ies a well known restaurant in the Orvieto surroundings, still carring today the values of traditional foods. Our kitchen offering range from a complete a la carte menu to fixed prices menus for groups, always serving genuine local foods from the appetizers to the home made desserts and cakes.
Fresh and genuine products are the key to our simple but well-finished recipes, taking great care of those subtle distinctions which links to the history and the flavors of Umbria’s food culture tradition
At the Osteria del Grillo creativity find his own place, we like to think to have somehow hit the right balance between the traditional recipes from the old days, and that hint of unexpected which makes always interesting and conteporary the traditional Umbria dishes. We carefully select all our ingredients from local products such as cured meats and cheese PGI and PDO certified, to our well appreciated desserts and cakes always home made. To complete such a quality food offering with the same care and attention we couldn’t forget to bring you a great wines selection, which will not disappoint event the more demanding wine lovers that will find beside the well known italian classics a rich selection from our local best wineries.

  •  Air conditioning
  •  Private room
  •  Nursery room
  •  Free Wi-Fi

Unfortunately we do not have restrooms for disabled guests.

The Osteria del Grillo is open everyday from Wednesday to Saturday for dinner, and at lunch from Wednesday to Sunday. We can arrange Tuesday lunches but only by booking in advance, contact us now to reserve your table for lunch or book a table online from here.